Monday, 20 August 2012

just taking a little break

...from my revision, of course. thank goodness when it'll all be over by the time tomorrow, i can't wait.
i thought some of you may like to see some pictures from mine and alex's birthday weekend. it was a couple of weeks ago now but i've been looking through them and they make me smile so i thought i'd give you a further insight into our lives.

alex's birthday is the day before mine, and it was a big one for him this year as it was his twenty first. on the friday night alex had a huge family and friend's party, then spent saturday primarily recovering, on his actual birthday, that was the sunday, we went out for tea with his family. on the monday, my birthday, i sulked about getting old. i didn't want a party or a cake, so we just had a relaxed day shopping instead.
alex is probably going to hate me for putting up the picture of him in his pj's, but this was the first one of him on his actual birthday. also, you should feel super lucky that you get to see him grinning in the second to last picture because normally, he can be smiling away, then you put a camera on him and we're talking chandler bing.  anyway, if your boyfriend is the same, quick tip; rib dig him as the photo is about to be taken.
it was a really nice weekend, but also a very tiring one.
have you got your birthday coming up soon? what did you do for your last one?
see you xoxo


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