Friday, 17 August 2012

little boxes made of ticky tacky...

i bought these gorgeous boxes from tk maxx during a shopping trip. they ranged in price from one pound fifty up to about six pounds. alex's least favourite, and my favourite, is the queen box, especially as it keeps in with the 'british spirit' we have going on this year. oh, he is a scrooge!

i've not put anything in them yet but i've been a little pre-occupied with work and this exam, but i've finished the work at the holiday club for a term, and my exam is out of the way after tuesday so then there will be plenty of time to re-arrange my room, or at least have a little sort out.
also, as of next monday, i will be working monday afternoon's at a solicitors i do little bits at part time, and also at which alex's mum is the manager, which will be good as it's always beneficial to do some work experience in the career field which you want to work in.
what have you been doing with your day, did the downpour catch you out like it did me? and which is your favourite box? have you got anything similar?
lots of love xoxo


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