Sunday, 26 August 2012


i know these pants are a bit out there and they're not something i'd generally be brave enough to wear but i am a huge fan of them. they're cut at the ankle and are quite fitted but i'd want to dress them down and make them wearable for me so i'd pair them with some ballet pumps and my white curve hem tank top from topshop.
they're from mango and cost £34.99, which i guess isn't too bad for a nice pair of trousers but i'd ideally like to try something similar, but cheaper, out first to see if i'd get much wear out of these mango ones.
does anyone know where i might find something of a similar style?
also, i'll just quickly tell you my plans for the next couple of days; i'm off to meet alex in about an hour, as he's not an early riser like me so i thought i' let him have a little lie in, then we're off out for the day. our plans aren't fixed yet but i suspect we might pop to the garden centre and get some lunch out. what comes between, i'm unsure but i'll try and take a few pictures to show you all.
obviously its a bank holiday weekend, so that means no work on monday, which means me and alex are free to spend the day together again. i don't have a clue what we're doing with that day but again, i'll let you know.
now, as i have a busy couple of days ahead, i'm unsure as to whether i'll be able to blog too much, or at all, but i'll do my best to check in and say hi!
have you got any plans for the bank holiday?
speak soon xoxo


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