Friday, 7 September 2012


i'm in a bit of a strange place with my thoughts and feelings today. a lot of things will be different by this time on monday and i'm not sure i'm ready for it all to hit at once; its going to be an emotional rollercoaster over the next few days.
as i'm unsure whether all parties involved will wish for me to share the details with you, i'm just covering this very generally and will most probably update you once things have calmed down.
but basically, i just wanted to say thank you for all the support in general during my first month of blogging. the positivity within this community is overwhelming and it's made my experience on here so much fun. its also provided a welcome distraction from the above ongoings and for that i'm greatful.
to try and right these funny feelings i'm experiencing, i have lit a few candles, covered myself in body butter and snuggled back up in bed to watch loose women.
what do you do to try and make a bad day better?
thank you again, and i hope to speak to you soon,
me xoxo


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'hey everyone, come look at my blog' will be deleted. thank you all for your lovely, genuine comments; they make me smile, lots.