Thursday, 25 October 2012


001. i've been in university all afternoon today, but feel like i've done very little, which in some ways is good because i feel like i have a lot more energy today than most days, but i also kind of feel like i've wasted a day too.
002. i finally wore my leather jacket today, and didn't feel stupid! i think i'll be brave enough to wear it more often now, plus its really warm too.
003. i really want to get my hands on the new (ish) kate moss matte lipsticks so hopefully i'll be able to tick that one off the list at some point over the weekend.
004. i forgot how much i loved red fanta. i used to drink it all the time so when my grandparents bought me my first bottle in months at the weekend, it was party time! i've been drinking it since, ow my poor teeth.
005. talking of teeth, i'm wondering whether or not to give crest strips a go? alex's cousin has sang their praises but i'm unsure if their hefty price tag can be justified if they're not going to produce the same results on me. please do let me know if you've used them.
006. it really is getting chilly now, i've started to keep a scarf permanently in my car just in case, and gloves in my bag. i hate being cold so i really want to pick up a bobble hat too!
i'm sorry to those of you who don't like this style of post as there have been loads recently, but unfortunately i'm not getting much down time from uni etc. at the moment and these are just super quick to do, plus i love reading these sorts of things when other people post them
hope you're all doing ok.
me xoxo


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