Friday, 26 October 2012


001. i've not done anything of much interest today but i thought i'd update you all the same.
002. i did, however, put up a new 'proper' blog post, talking about my new kate moss matte lipsticks, which i'm debuting this evening.
003. so why am i made up? i'm off to see a couple of my friends this evening. we're going out for tea and then to the cinema. i'm just wearing my leather jacket, the primark jumper i bought the other day and some plain black leggings. i'll hopefully get round to taking some proper pictures before i go out so i can do an outfit post of it at a later date. i had hoped to do one this evening but my camera's gone all shy and decided to drain itself of battery so i can't use it quite yet.
004. talking of cameras, i'd love a new one. i have no idea about cameras so any help would be much appreciated. i just want one that doesn't start turning itself on and off in the night, beep randomly and takes fairly decent pictures.
005. i'm without alex again tonight, which is pants. i do love seeing my friends but i hate the bedtime part. nothing beats a huge cuddle with the man you love. i can't wait to see him tomorrow evening once he's finished work, but sh, don't tell him or he'll get cocky (i'm joking) but hi alex, if you're reading this!
that's about it for now, i'm off to see if these camera batteries have charged and i'll see you soon!
what are your plans for the evening and rest of the weekend?
laura xoxo


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