Friday, 26 October 2012



i mentioned in my last post that i was hoping to pick some of the kate moss matte lipsticks up, i couldn't wait until the weekend and got all excited while doing the food shop in morrisons when i saw them at the make up counter for £4.99, which i think is cheaper than in boots, superdrug etc, as it was an 'introductory offer'.
i chose 110 and 113. i'd wanted to get the nude coloured one (113) from the get go so i was really pleased that it was available. i'd not given much thought to the red one (110) but when i was having a nosey, i actually really liked it and so i popped that in my basket too.
i was also hoping to give the berry coloured one a try, which i think is the number 107 and a pale pink coloured one too, 101, however they weren't actually in stock.
there is also a further colour in the collection, 111, which i think is the only one which has an actual name; kiss of life, but as this is very close in colour to 110 i decided against it, although it is a really lovely colour.
i was a little bit dissapointed when i got home and tried these on properly because the colour i'd actually wanted the most, 113, wasn't what i'd expected it to be. i've seen lip swatches of it floating around and the colour looks lovely on other people, however on me, it just doesn't work. there's a very fine line with it; on one side of the line, the lipstick just doesn't show up, and then on the other side, it looks like you've, or i've, covered my lips in concealer. there is is no happy medium. like i said though, it does look lovely on other's so please don't dismiss it, i think my lips must just be a really odd colour, oops!
as for the red one, i love it! i posted a picture of gillian zinzer way back at the start of my blogging days, and it really reminds me of that. it's not totally matte, but it is by no means glossy, and its just a really bright but powdery red colour. i'll definitely be wearing this lots, perhaps not during the day time because i am a bit of a whimp when it comes to bright lips, but during the evening, definitely.
the only other grumble i have about them is how they make my lips a bit tingley. but again, i think that's just me being a bit of an oddball.
do you have any lipsticks from the collection? how do you find them?
speak soon xoxo


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