Thursday, 18 October 2012


001. this morning i printed off lots of things for uni and arranged my minnie mouse file. last year i was pretty scrambled with my work and this year i decided that i'd try and be super organized because this is the year that counts and its time to grow up and move on from my floor filing system.
002. i was only actually in uni for an hour today so i've got plenty of time to get work done for seminars, something else which i didn't really prepare for last year,  but again, this year that's going to change.
003. i'm a little ashamed to admit this, but i'm actually hoping to watch the live emmerdale from last night this afternoon because i missed it due to last night's mini dinner party.
004. keeping on the theme of last night, i have a litle life lesson for you; never use fairy liquid in place of a dishwasher tablet. it was like something from a film, soap suds spilling out of kitchen appliances, the more you tried to stop them, the worse it got.
005. tonight, i think we're just having a quite one as we're both working tomorrow and it feels like this week has dragged on, and on and i'm feeling super tired and drained. i'm guessing my body hasn't got back in to uni mode yet.
that's all i have on the agenda for today, are you doing anything exciting?
laura xoxo


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