Tuesday, 9 October 2012


there are a few bits and pieces in topshop at the moment that i wouldn't mind getting my hands on but as i'm supposed to be saving my pennies i've picked my four absolute favourites, which i hopefully will end up buying.
the first is a jumper by jw anderson, and was there ever any doubt that it would be on there?! i love jumpers, i love quirky little prints, i love it. its fairly pricey though at almost seventy pounds so i may have to wait for a few months until the hype has died down a little and there are a few bargains lurking around on eay.
i also love these little purple quilted ballet pumps which already seem to be selling fast so i may have to get in there quickly. they're just very cute and special looking and i love the ballet pumps from topshop.
the next thing in my wish list is this peaches and cream (i think) nail polish which i actually saw in the topshop near to my uni and was so torn whether or not to buy it. i do regret not getting it now so i'll most probably pick this up the next time i'm in.
my final item is these lovely grey chords. i've always had a bit of a thing for chords. i had lots of pairs when i was little and have never really got over them. a few years back, i had my mum trawling charity shops looking for a pair of skinny ones but we never had any luck as all the pairs we found were flared and flares with my little legs leaves me looking and feeling a little silly so i'm so pleased its become acceptable to wear them now and that they're easily found. these are twenty eight pounds so not super cheap but not too bad either, they have them in oxblood too but its really more of a brown colour which i may also look into buying.
have you bought anything from topshop recently?
bye for now xoxo


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