Wednesday, 17 October 2012


001. me and alex had a bit of a lie in this morning, not for too long as he had to get up and ready for work, but it was nice all the same.
002. i've been at uni today and i've suprisingly enjoyed my lecture and seminar after dreading them both when i woke up this morning. i also bought two books for my course which i now know are way too heavy to be lugging round campus all day.
003. i arrived home just a few minutes before my glossybox, which doesn't normally arrive until a week after everybody else's, so i was pretty chuffed and i'm also really pleased with its contents this time, especially the gorgeous bright pink yves rocher lipstick, which i tried on straight away (as you can see in the above picture) and love!
004. i bought myself a pack of chocolate buttons which i'm now sat eating. they're good but they cost me 90p which is crazy because i remember getting them when i was little for around 20p. also, i almost bought a fredo but begrudged paying 25p for something which used to cost 5p. i don't like the recession's effect on food but that's something to save until i'm priminister.
005. alex and i are cooking tonight for his family and family friends, although as i'm appauling in the cooking department, i think i might be on washing up duties instead, which suits me because who doesn't like lots of bubbles?!
006. i've been paid today, which makes me happy, now i'm going to have to part with all my pennies again and book our flights to australia, but that's something else to look forward to.
007. it has also become apparent that sale fever has kicked in so after this post i'm going to do a good couple of hours worth of internet shopping, fingers crossed i find a bargain.
ok, so that's what i've done and am about to do with my day, have you done anything interesting with yours?
i hope you're all well.
speak soon xoxo


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