Wednesday, 31 October 2012


001. firstly, happy halloween! tonight, we're going round to alex's grandparent's for tea again so we're not being much fun at all in terms of halloween, but i am looking forward to having a nosey at how people have decorated their houses on our way there!
002. i'm just about to confirm my topshop order. there are quite a few bits that i've seen recently so i've rounded them all up for one big fat online order. its going to hurt the bank balance but it will also make me super happy so every cloud.
003. i've been at uni today and i'm really very tired given the amount of time i've been there so i'm hoping to have a little nap right after this.
004. at work yesterday, we took the kids to the farm which was great fun and i can honestly say that if i wasn't a vegetarian already, i certainly would be after that. playing with calves is enough to melt anyone's heart.
005. i've lost a cat under my bed. willow's barged in and has taken refuge right in the middle so that she can't be reached. i'm trying to coax her out with left over pizza so fingers crossed that the plan works.
that's everything i can think of right now, what are you doing tonight? are you being a spoil sport like me or have you got big plans?
speak soon xoxo


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