Tuesday, 13 November 2012


001. today i've been off uni and work so i've had a productive day in terms of blogging. i've managed to get three reviews posted so please be sure to have a look at all of those.
002. you may have noticed the different style of picture above, there's no particular reason for it, i got bored and fancied a bit of a change so hopefully you'll all appreciate a little bit of something different too. normal photo format will probably resume tomorrow but for now, please enjoy all four of me.
003. i can't stop sniffing my hands. i'm going to explain that a little so i don't sound like a complete freak; i've been using my new wild rose hand cream the past few days and the smell reminds me of midget gems so i love it.
004. my giveaway  is all up and running and i've had a few entries already but please be sure to enter to be in with a chance of smelling like a gingerbread man, yummy. it is open internationally, as i appreciate every single follower, regardless of where they're living so yes, person from madagascar, even you can enter! (obviously that's just an example, i don't think i have any madagascan followers but if i do, please make yourself known!)
005. i need to dye my hair, again. i'm looking towards fourth time lucky this time. i did it again this morning when i should have left it really. its a lovely colour i just feel that it doesn't suit my skin tone. its a little too warm as i'm very, very pale, so i'm probably going to stick some ash colour on the roots this evening, poorly hair.
006. don't worry about the hair too much mind you, i have bought a lot of things to make it up to it these past few days! it has various masks, leave in conditioners and oil treatments to look forward to. and the beauty 'haul' doesn't stop there. since saturday i've managed to accumulate two  deep conditioners/hair masks, four mini hot oils, three aussie leave in conditioners, two packs of hair dye, two body and room sprays, some tea tree oil, a seaweed toner, a hand cream, a body butter, a body scrub, and two lush bath bombs (which are lovely by the way), oh and a comb. i think that's the bulk of it but there will probably be more bits floating around somewhere (you can see most of the above on instagam, lisforladybird).
007. i really wanted to crack on with my essay today but i still haven't got around to it. i did manage to get a couple of hundred words written last night. whether they're keeper or not will depend on how much sense they make after being written in the early hours of the morning.
i think that's the most exciting parts of my day put out there for you, please let me know what you've been up to as i love hearing about all your days!
me xoxo


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