Friday, 30 November 2012


ok, so i recently treated myself to an upgrade and bought myself a years 'membership' of asos premier which means i can get free next day delivery for a year from now and i have since been taking full advantage of this. as i'm disappearing on thursday i've taken this as my oppurtunity to cram as much last minute shopping in as possible and wanted to share with you a couple of bits that are on their way.
right, so firstly you may have picked up on the fact that the above items are all heavy in the print department and are arguably some of the tackiest things you ever seen but i love them!
the first thing i went for was this 101 dalmations jumper. i love jumpers. i love 101 dalmations. i love this jumper. they do matching joggers too which i'm seriously considering buying but we'll wait and see if that materialises in the future. i think this will just look really sweet with black leggings and some little boots, wellies, you name it. i can't wait for it to turn up. i may travel in this.
the second item along is also a jumper. this is probably less offensive on the eyes to the majority of you as it's just an oatmeal jumper with cute little sketchy woodland animals on it. i love the fox, and the hedgehog. and all of it really. as i'm a leggings fanatic, i'll probably pair this with a  burgundy pair.
finally, the most garish print of them all comes in the form of these barbie joggers. i'm pretty sure you'll have seen them before, everyone's getting them at the minute but i couldn't resist.  i love wearing my pjs and if i could wear them all the time, i would. these remind me of pyjamas, but they're not so who's laughing now.
i love all these things on paper so i hope i'm just as pleased with them when they arrive. i'll be sure to update you all on their arrival.
have you ordered anything from asos recently?
hope you're all well, me xoxo

p.s, the winner of my giveaway is.. sophie pocock which i am so pleased about as she's so, so lovely and i'm so glad to be sending her a little christmas present, best wishes to her as she has some very exciting things going on at the moment and i really hope she loves smelling like a gingerbread man.


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