Monday, 12 November 2012


helloooo everyone. so as you may have seen in a previous post i recently reached the big 500, and i just wanted to giveaway a little something to say thank you.
i chose these two body shope candied ginger products (body scrub and body butter) because they just remind me so much of christmas and get me feeling all festive. there's something about the smell of gingerbread for me that just gets me feeling christmassy, it might be completely irrational but its better than being a scrooge right?
i think it probably has something to do with the fact that the conventional christmas smell of cinnamon knocks me sick, so ginger is my alternative.
so, with that said i picked two of my favourite arguably festive products to give away as a present to one of you, my readers. they're both great for your skin in the winter and i figured i's get to share something which i really like with one of you so you can hopefully fall in love with it too. also, who doesn't love a good body shop body butter, right?
without further waffling, here are the 'rules';
001. you must be a follower of my blog, it's to say thank you for just that after all, so please leave your google friend connect name so i can have a quick check.
002. for extra 'entries' please tweet about the giveaway (and leave a link, again so i can check), i don't have twitter myself but i know its a great way to get things out there and i would love for people who would otherwise be unaware of this opportunity to have a chance to enter and win some new products to try/early christmas present. you can also follow me on instagram, which i am now eventually getting on top of, kind of (lisforladybird) so please leave your names in a comment below, again so i can have a nosey, and you may also write a blog post on the topic if you do so wish (leave a link).
003. i know you'll now be thinking how is this all going to work?! well, we're going old school with this one girls; i'm going to give all you entrants a number, i.e, the first person to enter will be number one, which i will then write on a piece of paper, fold it all up and pop into a hat. for your extra entried, you will get an extra one of your number put in, hense you have a higher chance of winning, i.e, person number twelve has posted on twitter, and followed me on instagram, as well as following me initially, therefore they will have three number twelves written on pieces of paper and put in and so will have a three in --------(?) chance of winning!
004. the giveway will run until november, 22nd, so ten days and i will then announce the winner on here.
i hope this has made sense, i just decided i wanted to do something a little more interesting and magical than the conventional random way of choosing winners on here, if i have been completely useless and nobody understands please let me know and i'll do my best to sort it out, it did make sense in my head though.
anyway, that's all for now, good luck and i'll see you on the other side.
me xoxo


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'hey everyone, come look at my blog' will be deleted. thank you all for your lovely, genuine comments; they make me smile, lots.