Monday, 12 November 2012


001. good evening to all of you! i've just arrived back from uni and wanted to just update you all on my busy and not so exciting life. i've been a uni all day again so nothing all that exciting has happened but i have got a load  of work out of the way, time to start again for next week's.
002. i've also received multitudes of parcels over the last three days but as i've been at alex's i've got them all in one fail swoop today which has been very exciting, its felt like christmas has arrived early! i got my giveaway prizes from body shop as well as some shorts for australia, and my 'L' jumper from asos. it's a bit of shameless self promotion, walking arouond with a big L on my top but hey, if rylan from the xfactor can do it.. i'm joking, it actually reminded me of 'l for loser, l for love' from dodgeball, please tell me i'm not the only one sad enough to remember that?!
003. i'm on my own tonight again, which sucks, but it also means i'm more likely to get a start on my coursework which is a plus as it's slowly creeping up to the deadline.
004. i dyed my hair yesterday, although you can't much tell in the picture, that's webcams for you. but yes, its now a browny, silvery, blonde with warm blonde roots, sounds awful actually but i really like it! you know how i like my different coloured roots. i plan to put highlights through  the roots at some point but we'll see when i get round to it, i'm in no rush.
hope you're all well?
speak soon xoxo


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