Tuesday, 13 November 2012


i thought i'd do you a little review on something i've not seen mentioned much in the blogging world since i've been a part of it, perhaps its been done way back when and i'm a little late to the party but even so, sharing things you love is what blogging's all about right?! so today i've decided to tell you about my love for a lipstick from the natural collection.
now, they natural collection is something i've always associated with being the cheap, early teen brand from boots which wasn't really all that great ue to its low priced range, however, i couldn't be more wrong if this lipstick is anything to go by.
its a 'moisture shine' lipstick in the shade 'rose petal' which looks a lot darker in the stick than in real life, or on my lips at least. on me it's the most gorgeous pale pink, its very pretty and delicate which makes a change from a lot of the strong matte lips i've been choosing recently. i'm also sure that my lips are pleased with me for giving them a break from the mattes as over time they can become quite drying, this one feels really nice when on, and applying it is easy peasy too, it just glides on.
oh and the best part? it was only £1.99!
so yes, i believe i owe you an apology natural collection, it turns out your make up, although cheap, is actually quite cheerful. i'll definitely be being more open minded in the future.
do you own any cheap lipsticks that you've been surprised by?
hope you're well xoxo


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