Wednesday, 14 November 2012


firstly, apologies for the the flash marks on the tubes, light is really bad at the moment as i'm sure you're all aware and so it was time to whip the flash out.
now, onto the good stuff; i've been using this range for a while now, months and months in fact an i do not have a bad word to say about it.
the products in this picture are the blackhead eliminating daily scrub and the 2-in-1 wash and mask, although i also use the blackhead cleansing lotion too which i love equally but didn't have it to hand to photograph.
i use these most days, except when i do my skincare routine at alex's when i use my dermalogica products, and they are gentle enough to do this without causing irritation etc.
i start off with the scrub which is a cream substance with little orange beads in it. these beads are really gentle and do not scratch at all like other exfoliators i have used which makes it perfect for even sensitive skin like mine.
i then wash that off and use the 2-in-1 as a wash, covering my face in it, wetting my hands and rubbing it in before washing it off. when you've washed it off you can feel a slight tingle to your skin but it's this part that i actually really like about this wash, it leaves you feeling fresh.
finally i use the cleansing lotion which i just pop on a cotton pad and rub over my face. it mmight be worth noting that the cleanser is in fact a liquid, not a lotion as the name would suggest.
also, although the 2-in-1 can be used as a mask, i have other products for that so i just keep it as a wash although i'm sure it would equally well in that capacity.
you can pick the neutrogena range up from pretty much anywhere although the price does vary from place to place. on the whole though, all the products in the range come in at around the £4.00 mark and they are definitely worth the money and more.
do you own anything from this range? what are your skincare essentials?
laura xoxo


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