Tuesday, 27 November 2012


after such a positive response on my last review(ish) about a product from the brand osmo, i decided i'd keep you in the loop with another one of their products, berber oil.
hair oils are everywhere so i'm sure you don't need me to go into detail about what the do generally, but i will explain why for me this one is leaps and bounds ahesd of any others i have tried.
firstly, and perhaps the only negative point of this product, i've decided to get the bad part out of the way, the price. 100ml cost £22.00 and can be purchased from feel unique, although they do offer a 10ml size price at £5.90 if you want to try it out before commiting to the larger product.
ok, onto the product. i love it. the first thing you will most likely notice about this oil is the smell. it's like a bubblegum smell when you squirt it out of the bottle, but this doesn't last in the hair so if you don't like smells like that then it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
you can add the oil to damp hair or dry hair. i use it on both.
on damp hair i've found that it really stops tangling and helps it to dry quicker which is great for me as i like to let my hair dry naturally and it usually takes forever to get even half way to being dry.
on dry hair it adds a huge amount of shine, but not a greasy shine as i have found to be the case with some oils. it just makes it look really glossy and healthy and it feels that way to touch too.
you only have to use the smallest amount of this product to get optimum results so it's definitely an investment product.
i cannot rate osmo as a brand highly enough, all its products are great and really work for me and my grumpy hair, which is a rareity, so i'd definitely recommend you researching further into the brand and product if you've not yet been convinced and i'm sure you will end up falling in love.
what's your view on hair oils? which ones do you use?
laura xoxo

p.s, two days left until my giveaway winner is announced!


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