Thursday, 8 November 2012


001. good afternoon everyone! i hope you're all ok and are having a nice day. today i've been to uni, come home and done all my uni work so i'm very tired now but feeling pretty pleased that that's me done for the weekend.
002. that said, i am working tomorrow so i'm not completely done, but after work i'm going to my friend laura's as i usually do on friday nights, then we're off trafford centre shopping on the saturday with another friend in tow to find an interview outfit for laura which will bag her a job as an air hostess. everyone please keep your fingers crossed for her!
003. i'm wearing my chemistry top today which i showed you in my topshop post and i love it! i feel so geeky,  but in a good way and like i now qualify to be a big bang theory extra which has made my life.
004. i'm also very pleased that my eyebrows are growing back thick and fast. i love having big eyebrows but infortunately they weren't up my waxer's street and she butchered them. no, but really, they did look nice but they just weren't for me, i must remind her how i like them beforehand next time as she usually does them perfectly.
005. i feel like a really boring person today as i really haven't done too much and don't have anything planned, other than an early night of course but its just one of those days i'm afraid. if anything exciting does happen i'll be sure to let you all know.
speak soon xoxo


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'hey everyone, come look at my blog' will be deleted. thank you all for your lovely, genuine comments; they make me smile, lots.