Friday, 2 November 2012


001. firstly, i want to say a huge thank you. i can't believe my blog now has over five hundred followers! words cannot express how grateful i am to each and every single one of you for supporting me and my blog over its first three months. thank you, and as i said word's aren't enough, so watch this space.
002. how cold is it today?! my hands feel like ice cubes. winter is most definitely on its way and i'm no longer holing out for an indian summer. but you know what that does mean?! christmas is coming. i can't believe it's already november; its definitely time to get proactive with the presents. oh and to buy myself a bobble hat.
003. talking of winter appropriate clothing, i'm struggling. i've always had it nailed with the big wooly jumpers and thick fluffy socks but i'm always lacking in the trouser department. not in that i don't wear any! but in that what i do wear is perhaps the reason i'm always getting a cold. i love leggings, but they're so thin. i do have a pair of heavyweight ones from topshop which fair a little better but they're nowhere near as comfy. i don't like wearing jeans, which would probably be the more sensible option, so i'm stuck there. basically, i wish it was acceptable to wear fleecey pj bottoms all the time and i'm looking for an equally comfy, equally warm alternative. any idea?
004. i stayed on my own again last night so i've woken up in a bit of a foul mood. i can't wait to finish work and see alex.
005. that said, i also can't wait for work. my job is definitely the best in the world. today we're making fruit kebabs and having a bonfire themed celebration as it's the last day of the activity club and we're pretty close to bonfire night.
006. on the theme of bonfire night, alex and i are off to one of his family friend's party. we've been the past two years now so this will be the hatrick. he basically has a huge fire in a field with some fireworks and i'm told this year, a chip van! you can tell which my favourite part is going to be. i do like chips. i must make sure i wrap up warm though as its bound to be freezing, i just hope its not raining too, and that i take my wellibobs, fields = mud.
007. yesterday i did a load of work for university so i don't have any to do over the weekend which i'm super pleased about i've decided not to start my coursework until next week when i'll really crack on with it. i'm still staying pretty organised so  i'm feeling pretty happy with myself at the moment.
008. i'm currentyl half heartedly drying my hair. i hate putting heat on it but it is just too cold out to go out of the house with damp hair today.
i think that's everything for today, i'm sorry there's no picture at the moment but as i said, i'm drying my hair and its still really dark, plus i really need to get my bum into gear as i'm leaving for work in about ten minutes, make that five.
hope you're all well xoxo


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