Monday, 5 November 2012


001. good morning! this morning alex and i had to de-ice our  cars for a good ten minutes which was awful because it's so cold and my ice scraper is pants, but afterwards we did get a few mintues to pop to the duck pond and feed the ducks before setting off for uni/work.
002. there couldn't be a worse time to lose your scarf, and that's exactly what i've managed to do, which makes me really sad actually, i did love my scarf, it was pink with little cream cats on, so i'm really hoping to find it soon.
003. i came home this morning to find a topshop parcel waiting for me which did perk me up a little bit. i love everything and after the initial worry about the shoe sizing, we're a-ok, they fit, they're lovely and that makes me super happy.
004. i'm in uni all day today, till six o'clock, which is a long time to be learning and i hate driving home at that time, it's dark and cold and i'm left to fend for myself on the back roads which will most probably be icy. i've never driven on ice before today so i'm a little apprehensive in all honesty.
005. that's not the only problem that comes with driving; there's all the pennies you'll spend on it to consider and with my tax and mot dates looming i'm trying not to spend unnecessarily, topshop order aside.
006. something which i do consider to be money well spent is that on flights to australia, which are now all sorted! only alex's dad knows soo we're going to be surprising the rest of the family which i'm really looking forward to. it'll be lovely to spend christmas with them but i must teach my mum to use skype so i can say happy christmas to everyone back home too.
i need to shoot now as i'm popping to the bank and need to find a new note pad before setting off for uni at ten so i'll love you all and leave you but please feel free to tell me what you're doing with your day as i'd love to hear.
speak soon xoxo


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