Tuesday, 13 November 2012


i'm really into skincare in a big way and am always looking for new things to test out to make my skin that little bit more bright, clear and/or healthy looking.
i've been intrigued by the whole seaweed scene for a while now and whilst browsing the body shop decided to pick up this mini toner to road test before taking the plunge for the big guy.
i love the body shop for skincare anyway so i was expecting huge things from this toner and it delivered, but lets start with the boring bits.
pricewise, it's very reasonable; this cost £3.00 for 60ml, which is labled on the website as being 30ml so that was a nice surprise to start with, but it also comes in a 200ml bottle too which if i remember correctly cost around the £8.00 mark.
the aim of this toner, as quoted from the body shop website, is to 'balance combination skin' as well as removing make up, excess cleanser and so on. the one and only claim that i feel this product falls flat on is the make up removal. it does work to a degree but its a lengthy process when trying to remove mascara. that said, i have generally removed my make up by this point anyway so that's not such a problem.
although i haven't seen any drastic changes in my skin as of yet but i have noticed that my usually oily nose has chilled out a bit which is always nice. i like the smell too, it just smells fresh and clean. i guess this is down to the fact it contains no nasty bits; i.e, alcohol, unnatural ingredients etc, which is really the body shop's ethos anyway so you can always expect this element to ring true for all of their products.
as for the seaweed bit, in all honesty, you don't even realise that the seaweed's there but as i like the toner with it in, i might try out some other products with it in too. the night treatment and ionic clay mask both look very nice so chances are i'll be adding those to my ever growing christmas list.
have you tried anything from the body shop recently? what are your thoughts on slathering your face in seaweed?
laura xoxo


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