Wednesday, 7 November 2012


i'm going to be continuing the theme of topshop make up today in the form of one of their cream blushes in the shade 'neon rose'.
in all honesty, i've only owned one cream style blush before, and even that was described as a mousse so i'm not sure that it even counts, and i thought it was about time that i broke out of the middle ages and gave one a bash.
i picked this particular shade in a sort of 'go hard or go home' moment of madness. i never, ever, ever, ever go for really pink blushes because of my already pink cheeks so this was something really out of my comfort zone to do but i must admit i'm delighted at my bravery because i adore this colour; it looks as it does in the case- a really bright pink colour, i suppose that's where the 'neon' part comes from and for this reason a little goes a long way, more than a little and  you'll be going all the way to the circus looking like coco the clown so that's something to be aware of.
onto application and general feel; it does glide on nicely but i found it to feel a little sticky on my cheeks, now this could just be me and the fact i'm not used to the texture of a cream blush, but that made me feel a little bit clogged up in the pores department.
that said, it looks great on and i won't be stopping using it because of the teeny weeny bit of stickiness it gives off.
it lasts a fair amount of time and is very reasonably priced for what it is/does at £6.00. chances are i'll be purchasing another, hopefully a little more of an orangey shade as i do love my peaches so if any of you have found one that's more that way inclined then please do let me know.
do you own any topshop make up? what's your favourite blush?
p.s, i'm sorry the photos are a bit ropey, my camera's packed in so htc it is i'm afraid, hopefully this will be fixed soon.
laura xoxo


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