Monday, 5 November 2012


as you may have seen in a previous post, i recently placed a topshop order online which included a few make up bits, one of which i wanted to share with you as soon as i tried it on. unfortunately life got in the way for a few hours, and so here we are.
topshop stocks two highlighters, crescent moon and sunbeam. crescent moon is a more pinky toned highlighter whereas sunbeam, the one i picked, is more golden. i really liked both and had a hard time choosing so i'm now considering picking up the second highlighter too but that's a story for another day
the product cost £10.00 and as none of my local topshops stock make up i wasn't really sure what to expect in terms of size. i was actually expecting the highlighters and blushers to be the same size, however, the highlighters are actually much bigger; 6.5g as opposed to the 4g contained in the blushers. this actually justified the more expensive price tag on first impressions, and they are very important, you know.
another great selling point on the lines of first impressions is definitely the packaging; it's really cute and i love how  the little stars look like they're been drawn on. i'm definitely a sucker for pretty packaging.
it sounds like i'm almost setting you up for dissapointment here by listing all the positives surrounding the product but not talking about the actual product itself but do not fear, i'm getting there, after copious amounts of waffling, i know.
anyway, yes, the highlighter itself is very gold and very glowy and very, very pretty. as i have spoken about before, i'm a big fan of golds and bronzes on my face as opposed to pinks as i have really red cheeks and i try not to help them out too much, so this product really is the perfect 'tone' for me.
without make up  i actually look a greyish yellow colour, its really hard to describe but its definitely something that i don't wish to draw attention to, and sometimes even my foundation doesn't completely hide it, so i love using highlighter to wake my skin up a bit and make me look a bit more healthy and a little less, dead(?), for want of a better word. this one definitely does the job.
i love how its shimmery without containing shimmer, if that makes any sense at all? its something you could probably use all over your face without looking like you'd been in a fight with a tube of glitter glue.
the bottom line it, it's really nice and definitely worth the £10.00 as it really will last close to forever, and i know that everyone says things like 'it's good value for money because you can tell it's going to last a long time', but i really do believe that it will. its gold and pretty and makes you feel good, and that's priceless anyway, but ten pounds is still pretty cheap for this kind of product.
the only grumble i do have is that the lid doesn't contain a mirror, which is a shame as the blushes do and it'd make the highlighter even better!
definitely have a look at sunbeam, as i've been writing this post i've decided that i'm going to buy crescent moon because i like it, so you should probably have a nosey at that too.
i'm sorry this post has had a bit of an odd structure and probably doesn't make any sense at all but i'm absolutely shattered and have a banging headache so i'm shooting off and fitting in some z's before its time to rise and shine for work tomorrow.
night everyone xoxo


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