Thursday, 1 November 2012



so last night you may have noticed in my post that i said i was about to confirm a topshop order. today i thought i'd share my order with you so here you go.
i'll start with the most boring item(s), the socks. not much to say, they were on offer; 3 for £8.00, i thought they were pretty and popped them in my basket. i'll probably end up wearing these with a variety of ballet pumps, because nobody likes cold tootsies in the winter, and my ankle boots.
secondly, i picked myself a couple of tshirts. the plain 'neppy' one has little speckles in it; i already own the pink version so this was a pretty safe bet at £14.00. the other tshirt reminded me of the big bang theory. i've been eyeing it up for a while wondering whether it was worth its £20.00 price tag, then when me and alex went shopping the other weekend and he liked it my mind was made, so now i'll be able to walk round feeling 'white and nerdy'. does anyone remember that song?! just me.. oops.
i also popped these quilted ballet pumps in the basket. the purple ones were on a wishlist of mine a little while back but they seem to have sold out in my size so i opted for the blue ones instead. no this is the one item which i may not be keeping; in topshop my shoe size is either a four or a five, the fours had sold out with no sign of returning so that made my decision on size pretty easy, i'm just hoping they're not too big! fingers crossed. they cost £18.00 but i think they're something a little bit different so they're so worth it.
now for something exciting; i've dabbled in topshop make up for the first time! i've picked up a cream blush in neon rose (£6.00) which i've been wanting to try for yonks, a lipstick, or 'lips' in whimsical (£8.00) and finally a highlighter in sunbeam (£10.00) i had a hard time choosing between this one and the newer highlighter, crescent moon. in the end i picked sunbeam purely because i've always been a golden girl at heart when it comes to make up due to my red cheeks, in some hope of counteracting them.
anyway, i'll be sure to show you my new buys once they arrive if any of you are interested in what they look like in 'real life'. to be honest, i could have bought a whole lot more, topshop have some great stuff in at the moment. i also had every intention of picking up lots of bargains in their sale, which unfortunately didn't happen, something which my bank balance is not going to thank me for, but you know what?! 'if it makes you happy, i can't be that baaaaa-a-a-ad', you know, it's probably best not to ask, i'm in a really odd mood, but i've had that song in my head and thought i'd share it with you all, so yes, let me know what you think of my recent purchases and whether you've picked anything nice up recently.
hope to speak soon xoxo


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