Tuesday, 11 December 2012


001. hello again from australia. i thought i'd pop on again and let you know what i'm doing with my day as today's a bit more chilled out and i have some downtime to speak to you girls.
002. ok, so the weather is apparently 'bad' over here, which is really funny because it's twenty seven degrees. can you imagine calling that bad back home?! it's insane. it is a bit windy mind you and that makes it feel a little colder than it is but i for one am not going to be complaining on this basis.
003. as alex's family have other commitments today, the two of us are spending some time together. we're probably going to go on a little walk shortly which will be nice and grab some lunch. it feels silly saying it's lunch time when in england it's now the middle of the night.
004. we're also going out for tea tonight with alex's family which will be nice, to a little italian just up the road. i'm looking forward to dressing up a little bit instead of wearing vests and loose shorts all the time. it's hard to wear really nice clothes when they stick to your suncream!
005. we're looking at booking a hotel for us all at the weekend in the gold coast so we can have a mad three days of going to sea world, movie world and wet n' wild. it's going to be so tiring but i'm really looking forward to it. i love sea world, i've been to the one in florida a good few times and it's just beautiful seeing all the animals.
006. australia, or at least brisbane, really does remind me of florida; the weather, the atmosphere, the parks and although i'd never considered coming here before alex's family relocated i'm so glad i have had this oppurtunity to do so. it's really opened my eyes to a part of the world that had never particularly interested me in terms of a holiday destination (mainly because of the price, eek) and i really am an australian tourist convert. given the chance to come again, i'd jump at it everytime.
hope you're all well xoxo


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