Wednesday, 19 December 2012


001. or six if you're in the uk. christmas sort of comes a day early here. i just wanted to pop on, say hello and start the countdown. it's been manic here so i really haven't had time to catch up with you all as much as i'd like to. i just wanted to let you know that i'm still here and appreciate every single one of you and will catch up properly when i have some down time, i promise.
002. we've had a really busy weekend and week. over the weekend, we stayed in the gold coast and did all the theme parks over that way. sea world was my favourite by far so i decided to share a picture with you from the day. i picked the penguins, they're the most festive and in their enclosure is probably the only snow that i'm going to see this christmas.
003. i have really been looking after my skin over here as the sun can wreak havoc with it so i'll probably share my routine with you when i get back. i've been super lucky as i've not burned so far (touch wood).
004. i've noticed that asos have this fifty percent off thing on at the minute so i'm about to go and take full advantage of that.
that's all for now, what've you been doing this week?
speak soon xoxo


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