Sunday, 9 December 2012


001. good morning everyone! well, it's most probably evening where you are so good evening to you too! alex and i have arrived in australia and completely surprised his family! it was so lovely to see them as it's been months now since they moved out here.
002. it's been pretty crazy since we got here and we've not stopped which is why i've not had time to pop on here and say hello, but this morning everyone's popped out so i thought i'd take the oppurtunity to let you know what's been going on.
003. so far we've been to lots of beaches which is lovely. we went on a couple of walks yesterday too through nature reserves. no koala's but a few parrots, and we've also seen lots of kangaroos which was pretty cool.
004. talking of animals, this morning we've seen four dolphins swimming in the sea which was lovely. it's just so surreal.
005. the weather is lovely and for some reason here reminds me so much of florida, which i love. i'd never really thought of coming to australia before now but i'm so glad i did, it's such a lovely place andd the change in weather from back home is so welcome.  apparently it's not been the greatest since we've arrived, but to me and alex, coming from england, it feels absolutely boiling.
that's everything for now and i'll try and get back to the usual blogging routine within the next few days when things have calmed down a little.
hope you're well,
me xoxo


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