Thursday, 23 August 2012



an update.

good afternoon everyone! thank you for the support so far, i'm going to try tinkering about with my blog a little and make it look a little different, i hope this is ok and i hope to speak to you soon.
lots of love, laura xoxo

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

a new dilemma

ok, so you may have seen my post about the leather jacket from mango and i was pretty much set on saving up to buy it, however i have since found this cheaper alternative.

it costs fifty pounds from dorothy perkins, which is more than half the price of the mango one, and if i'd have seen this one first, i would have probably jumped at it, however it somehow doesn't match up. i know this isn't leather and that's the reason for the dramatic price decrease, but it would hurt the bank balance a lot less. i'm unsure. i think its a case of heart says mango, head says this one. help?!
speak soon xoxo

wishlist outfit: topshop edition

if i had the cash, i'd buy this entire outfit, all from topshop, at the drop of a hat. the look i've gone for is quite romantic and girly and my favourite piece is probably the skirt, but i'd settle for all of it.

all these bits and pieces are on their website now, so you should definitely go and have a look. i think that topshop is going through a really great phase right now as i like the majority or their clothes and accessories, which isn't always the case as i am quite fussy, but i could happily spend a full lottery winning's worth on their website at the moment.
what's your favourite piece? are you lucky enough to own the skirt of my dreams?
laura xoxo

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

rubber duckies

hellooo everybody, i hope you're all as please for me as i am for myself because the exam is finally over. i'm not one of those people to sit around and mull it over so i'm going to hope for the best come results and move onwards and upwards.
today i've decided to show you a very recent idea i've had for storage.

so as you may have guessed from the title, its about these little guys. i have probably around the hundred mark, perhaps more. me and alex started collecting them a while back, trying to pick one up wherever we went, but it became and expensive hobby and i had tonnes of ducks all dressed up with no place to go,  so when i saw big tall glass in tkmaxx, i had a bright idea; and the result? i think it looks pretty impressive. the tube comes to about knee height and cost eight pounds.
what do you think? do you have any strange storage ideas?
laura xoxo

Monday, 20 August 2012

i wish i was cool enough

or at least had enough money...

i really want it! its from mango and costs £115, which i guess is good for a leather jacket but its not good for my bank balance. its a tricky one, i'm trying to save up for going to australia over christmas and for my car insurance but at the same time, i do really want it, and its not often i get so attached to an item of clothing.
what do you think? this is right at the top of my wish list.
also, does anyone remember the old maccoy chelsea boots from topshop? i want some of those so bad, none of the new ones come close in my book. i got a pair when they were in store but they were too big, by the time i'd sent them back, the smaller size was all gone. i'm still crushed over that, but onwards and upwards. without trying to sound dead cheesy; to buy or not to buy?
gaaaah, i really don't know!
hope to speak soon xoxo

just taking a little break

...from my revision, of course. thank goodness when it'll all be over by the time tomorrow, i can't wait.
i thought some of you may like to see some pictures from mine and alex's birthday weekend. it was a couple of weeks ago now but i've been looking through them and they make me smile so i thought i'd give you a further insight into our lives.

alex's birthday is the day before mine, and it was a big one for him this year as it was his twenty first. on the friday night alex had a huge family and friend's party, then spent saturday primarily recovering, on his actual birthday, that was the sunday, we went out for tea with his family. on the monday, my birthday, i sulked about getting old. i didn't want a party or a cake, so we just had a relaxed day shopping instead.
alex is probably going to hate me for putting up the picture of him in his pj's, but this was the first one of him on his actual birthday. also, you should feel super lucky that you get to see him grinning in the second to last picture because normally, he can be smiling away, then you put a camera on him and we're talking chandler bing.  anyway, if your boyfriend is the same, quick tip; rib dig him as the photo is about to be taken.
it was a really nice weekend, but also a very tiring one.
have you got your birthday coming up soon? what did you do for your last one?
see you xoxo

Friday, 17 August 2012

little boxes made of ticky tacky...

i bought these gorgeous boxes from tk maxx during a shopping trip. they ranged in price from one pound fifty up to about six pounds. alex's least favourite, and my favourite, is the queen box, especially as it keeps in with the 'british spirit' we have going on this year. oh, he is a scrooge!

i've not put anything in them yet but i've been a little pre-occupied with work and this exam, but i've finished the work at the holiday club for a term, and my exam is out of the way after tuesday so then there will be plenty of time to re-arrange my room, or at least have a little sort out.
also, as of next monday, i will be working monday afternoon's at a solicitors i do little bits at part time, and also at which alex's mum is the manager, which will be good as it's always beneficial to do some work experience in the career field which you want to work in.
what have you been doing with your day, did the downpour catch you out like it did me? and which is your favourite box? have you got anything similar?
lots of love xoxo

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

body shop body butters.

i recieved three of these for my birthday; two from alex and one from his family and i've decided to share my thought on them with you quickly before i shoot to the dentist.

£12.95 at the body shop.
i said i'd be quick so buy them, buy them, buy them!
but really, they smell gorgeous, they're super moisturising and they make you feel soft and just amazing.
my favourite is probably the choccomania one, but that's only if you held a gun to my head, because i really do love them all.
dentist time xoxo

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

what am i doing right now?

i'm sat on the sofa next to alex whilst he revises for his estate agency exam, after being told by him 'get on with your blog, you need to get 1000 followers!' so here i am blogging my little heart out trying to make him happy so that he does this face...

but on a more serious note, if there is anything particular that you would like to see from my blog, i am very open to new ideas and would love to hear from you.
p.s, is anyone else glad that ian beale on eastenders has finally shaved that monster off his face?!
byeee xoxo

gillian zinser

why did i buy my first maxi skirt? because of this woman. why did i stop straightening my hair all the time? this woman. and why do i now want a leather jacket? all because of this woman.

at the risk of sounding like a complete loser, i think i might be just a little bit in love with gillian zinser, but hey, who isn't right?

the only other thing i have to say is good morning, i hope you have a good day, and i'll speak to you soon.

goodbye xoxo

Monday, 13 August 2012

i'm at a payphone...

...trying to call home.
alex buys the best presents; he bought me this for my birthday a few weeks ago and i absolutely love it. it actually makes calls when plugged in and makes these funny little bleeping noises when you dial. as i don't have a place to plug in a landline in the bedroom, it's currently doubling up as a money box.

have you got anything similar?

bye xoxo

p.s; outfit of the day.

today i've just been doing my part time job of working with children with disabilities, and now i'm revising for a uni exam so its just a comfy, hair on head, no make up look.

i'm just wearing a dipped hem tank top from topshop, and some pink/peach and white dip dye joggers, which are really comfy and fleecy inside. these are also from topshop. i also have some really cute ice cream socks on which i think are from matalan. my hair is in a pineapple and i have no jewellery or make up on.

thanks for having a nosey at my 'every day' outfit, next time one of these is up, hopefully alex will be here to take the pictures and so they won't be rubbishy webcam ones. i really do need to revise now so i'm going to shoot off here and crack on. it's just so exciting doing something new so i've spent a little too long on here today, deary me. anywayyyy...

see you soon xoxo

a general introduction;

hello everybody and welcome to my blog. i don't really know anything about writing a blog but last night, my boyfriend and i were having a nosey on a few people's blogs and decided that it may be something good for me to do. so here i am... i figured that maybe, being new, i'd tell you a few things about myself so you can decide if my blog is the one for you.
about me
my name is laura and i've just turned nineteen. i'm a law student and am about to go into my second year of university. i have a boyfriend who i've been with for two years now and his name is alex. i have lots of fish and two cats; bruce and willow. both are girls. i really want to get a ferret too, but my mum doesn't fancy opening up a zoo right now.
why blog?
blogging is something that has only started to interest me very recently, but even then i didn't really think about starting my own. it really was a spur of the moment thing last night between alex and i. he picked the url of 'ilikecrayonsxo' whilst making fun of me. on a more serious note, and with full intentions of getting a major sympathy vote here, i do have an illness which means i struggle to do the work most jobs require, and no, it's not lazyitus, and when alex is at work and i'm not at uni, i do find myself at a loose end, so hopefully having a blog is going to fix that.
about what?
everything. but mainly lifestyle and beauty. just things that i enjoy and things that work for me. as you may have noticed in my little about me that's hanging around on the side somewhere, i have an ungeneric approach to beauty; my roots really are THAT long! and if i'm honest, i don't often like to wear any more than foundation, but i do like to feel like i've made an effort to look grown up and nice when i'm going out somewhere posh, so those products are likely to feature heavily in my blog. also, i'm hoping to do some 'outfit of the day's' for you when alex is in the mood to play the photographer, which will generally be me in a baggy jumper and leggings.
thank you very much for taking the time to read this, i hope you've enjoyed learning a little about me and that you will continue to read any future posts.
byeeeee xoxo