Friday, 4 January 2013


001. hello everyone, i hope you're all settling into the new year ok? i'm still feeling like it's 2012, jet lag really sucks, hard. alex and i are still both running on australian times, maybe it's wishful thinking.
002. we have, however, found that a few extra hours in the day can be beneficial and productive. last night/this morning, we woke up at four and decided to go and do our food shop at the local 24/7 asda. we picked up breakfast, i ended up having rice. that's right, not only are my sleep patterns messy, i'm also wanting tea at breakfast time. i'm hoping that my body sorts itself out pronto because i'm going to start getting some funny looks trying to order a three course meal for breakfast if we pop into a cafe anytime soon.
003. i got something exciting in the post today. not long ago i won a giveaway put on by samm of scolvinbeauty, and today the prize arrived. i can't wait to try all the bits and pieces out and share my experiences of them with you, it all looks great so a huge thank you to samm!
004. tonight alex and i are entertaining, oo-er. no, we're just having a couple of people come over and getting a takeaway. we're still both way too sleepy to do anything adventurous and i will most probably be in the land of nod long before they've left anyway, but it'll be lovely all the same.
005. as for weekend plans, alex is working tomorrow, unfortunately, and i also have a large amount of coursework to be cracking on with. sunday, however, is a different matter; it's our belated christmas day! i cannot wait as with being in australia for actual christmas day means that i didn't actually feel like it was christmas but being home with the cold weather and all the decorations has hammered it home and i'm super excited now.
006. i now have bloglovin', i've gone and dabbled in more technology! so please do have a little look on there, i'm easy enough to find; you can either paste in my url or type 'l is for ladybird' and i should pop up. i just wanted to make my blog that little bit more accessible for you all so i hope some of you will find it beneficial.
ok, so i've been home all day and now need to step outside in the icy cold and drive to see alex, fingers crossed i don't doze off; sleepy, sleepy, sleepy.
lots of love xoxo


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'hey everyone, come look at my blog' will be deleted. thank you all for your lovely, genuine comments; they make me smile, lots.