Thursday, 3 January 2013


prior to going away i wanted to pick up a couple of nail polishes to keep my fingers and toes looking pretty whilst on the beach and being a little bit of a glitter freak around christmas time i decided to take a bit of something sparkley to do the job.
i settled on these two; rose quartz glitter and amethyst glitter from barry m, priced at £2.99 each. i've had a few barry m polishes before and from what i'm remember them being pretty impressive for the pennies you're paying but after using these for a month i'm now a bit unsure.
i love the colours of both and the effect they give, however a lot of coats are required for fully covered nails. i suppose this is to be expected with glitter polishes and i could swiftly move past the amount of time it takes to get them to that stage if it stayed put for longer than a day, even with a topcoat.
i do appreciate that sand, sea, etc. can take part of the blame though and as i do love the colours i'll be giving them a second chance now i'm back in england, so fingers crossed for a success story this time, if not i'll just have to use them as a super pretty top coat, win-win really.
what are your thoughts on barry m polishes? have you found any long lasting glitter polishes that you'd recommend?
speak soon xoxo


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