Saturday, 26 January 2013


bourjois is the only brand i'm loyal to when it comes to foundation, purely because their formulas work for me. with that said, i thought i'd expand my bourjois foundation collection further (meaning i now own each and every single one) and take my chances with their healthy mix serum.
when it comes to foundation i like a good coverage without the heavy feel, and as this is a gel as opposed to a liquid, it's certainly light weight, even lighter than other foundations by the brand. it glides on and feels so silky and lovely to wear. i can also vouch for it's 16 hour radiance booster claim, my skin really did look wide awake and healthy for the whole day.
my only worry when purchasing this product was that, being a gel, its coverage would not be the best and where my poorly pink nose was still faintly visible, i really liked the amount of coverage it did give, which was probably around the medium mark. i felt like my skin looked glowing and dewy without looking shiny. my mum even asked what foundation i was wearing the first time i put it on as she, the 'foundation makes people's skin look blocked' lady, really liked how it looked on and has actually decided to go out and buy it as her first foundation in goodness knows how many years now.
the only downside to this product, which fortunately doesn't affect me, is that it is only available in a limited number of shades. being pale i opted for shade 52 vanille which matches my skin tone perfectly, but if you do have darker skin you may struggle with this. that said, i do find bourjois' shades really versatile and can use the same one when i'm at my palest and when i've been on a month long sunny holiday without any trouble.

i really cannot rave about this product enough, it's definitely my new go-to foundation, and because of its super light weight nature, i can see myself reaching for it even more during the summer, if it ever arrives.

the healthy mix serum is available here from boots and costs £10.99, it may be worth noting that boots currently have an offer on with this product so definitely take advantage of that if you do decide to give the healthy mix serum a try.
laura xoxo


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