Wednesday, 16 January 2013


loverdose is one of diesel's creations that is described on feel unique as "a spellbinding essence that makes the woman who wears it irresistible, and the man who comes near her fall madly in love... a subversive, unexpected women’s perfume. a true diesel signature."
the perfume is made up of top notes of mandarin and star anise, heart notes of vanilla, gardenia and jasmine and bottom notes of liquorice liqueur, wood and amber, but i personally get most of the jasmine and liquorice.
it's a light, sweet, girly perfume which may be a little sickly for some. i definitely wouldn't call it sophisticated but what do you expect from something described as "an overdose of ambroxan and liquorice absolute". i'd definitely put in the same category as vera wang's princess night, and it comes in a suitably similar bottle to match.
something else i've picked up on is the staying power, due to it's EDP nature it doesn't budge for hours, which is a plus when it comes to perfumes; if you like them at least.
the bottle itself is an angular glass heart with a dagger through the centre. i personally don't like the design of the bottle, or at least the inconvinience of it; it just sits on it's side which isn't a massive problem, i just feel it to be a bit daft really.
that said, i do really like this perfume, the fact it reminds me of princess night is only a bonus for me (as i love that perfume too; guilty pleasures time..?) and it's also reasonably priced at £36 for the 30ml bottle, although the EDT version can be purchased for a little cheaper.
have you tried this fragrance? what are your thoughts?
laura xoxo


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