Wednesday, 30 January 2013


HND, hollywood nail designs, specialise is creating nail wraps for every possible occassion, that last longer than a polish but are easier to apply.
"HND Nail Wraps are made with the highest quality of vinyl film, designed to last up to 14 days on your fingertips, and 28 days on your toenails. Taking just 15 minutes to apply, they are hard-wearing and make some of the most imaginative designs attainable."
prior to being contacted by a company on behalf of HND i'd never used nail wraps. they're something i'd always fancied giving a go but had just never got round to buying any.
the principle is simple; you pick the right size, peel it off the backing plastic, pop it on to a clean and prepared nail, smooth down and trim and file to shape. easy.
i'm really clumbsy when it comes to nails, i end up getting more polish on my fingers than my actual nail when painting and they're forever chipping on me when i do get them right so i was a bit sceptical that these nail wraps would be as easy to apply as set out in the instructions. i needn't have worried, they really did just press on and cutting and filing them to size wasn't anywhere near as fiddly as i'd imagined and another plus, once applied you don't get the chips like you would with a polish either.
another plus for me is the designs themselves. the one pictured is "once upon a december" and comes from HND's 3d nail collection. they have cute little snowflakes on and pretty little gems, so they're most definitely weather appropriate.
the staying power of these is great also, days have gone by without signs of them giving up the ghost so for the £5.50 you pay for a pack of these, you really do get your moneys worth.
a further point i'd like to add is the length of the wraps provided. they're super long, so even though i had to file them down lots, they'd be equally suited to really long nails as they are to my little stubby ones.
there is also a number of widths supplied in the packet so HND really do cater to a wide range of people.
i'd definitely recommend popping over to the HND website, here, and having a nosey for yourself; i'm sure you'll find a pefect pattern to suit you. i know i'll be purchasing lots more in the future.
laura xoxo

*PR sample.


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