Saturday, 26 January 2013


i purchased a pan stik on a whim really. i didn't really know what to expect not having tried a similar product before. i guess i expected it to act like a stick concealer, having high coverage and being quite thick, and i was pretty much correct.
the panstik does provide incredible high coverage. it completely wipes away blemishes in one swipe, leaving a clear, flawless base. i suppose this comes from max factors stage make up origins where a flawless base is imperative under bright stage lights.
the element of this product that i was pleasantly surpised by was the thickness. when i think of a thick, heavy foundation, i think 'cakey', and although thick, the panstik has completely changed my views on this aspect. it's not at all cakey. it glides on and provides an airbrush-like finish without the make up build up.
for me, the panstik is an all-in-one product; a foundation and concealer, and due the nature of it's texture, i don't think that a powder is even necessary so it has that aspect covered too. if you're looking for a high coverage, long lasting foundation, this is definitely for you. i myself much prefer lighter base products, and so for every day use, the panstik is a little too heavy for me but i have been using it as an under eye concealer with my usual foundation and i really do love the effect it produces.
the panstik retails at £6.99 and is available here. it comes in three shades, my choice 'light', 'nouveau' and 'copper' and is definitely worth purchasing purely for the concealer aspect alone.
do you like the max factor panstik?
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