Tuesday, 1 January 2013


so, sitting on a plane for over a day, having watched all the films it had to offer on my outbound flight, i had a fair amount of time on my hands. with this time i found myself thinking about life, goals, and even things i'd like to buy this  year and decided to make myself a little list to stay focused.
in 2013, i will;
a) start taking zinc tablets, and iron, and any other suppliment that may be good for me and my hair, nails, skin etc. i was reading a magazine that listed off all these benefits and it just seemed to make good sense to take the above mentioned.
b) become a perfume enthusiast. i've smelled so many gorgeous perfumes as i've drifted in and out of duty free lounges over the past two days and have composed quite the wishlist. although i've liked perfume in the past, i've found it something thatt i can either take or leave on a day to day basis but if i'm going to be buying all these lovely perfumes, then i'm sure as the day is long going to be getting my useage out of them.
c) worry less. yes, i am a worrier. i like to know what's going on all the time and never just really 'go with it'. i've always admired people who have laid back personalities and found myself wishing that i had a similar approach to life, but i've come to realise that there's nothing to stop me being just like that, years of my bad habits aside, so from now i am going to try to take a step back and enjoy the not knowing a little more.
d) that said, i am going to be organised where it counts. by which i mean coursework for uni not left until the last couple of days, keeping a diary of the 'important stuff' so i don't forget birthdays or appointments, you know, the boring stuff.
e) finally i'm going to show my appreciation towards those around me. i've been getting gradually better at this for a couple of years now so hopefully i 'll continue the process into this year.
that's everything i have planned. i think it's important to aim for the achieveable. what are your new years resolutions?
laura xoxo


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