Friday, 18 January 2013


primer has always been one of those 'take it or leave it' products for me, i find i'm quite lucky with my skin in that make up stays put for the whole day anyway so in that respect i don't need to use a primer, however one of the other benefits of primer is that it does stop make up sinking in to your skin, clogging pores, etc. at least, that's the plan, so i thought i'd share with you a primer that might be your best choice if like me it's something that's not vital to your make up routine, meaning you don't want to spend a fortune on it but you still the the idea of using a primer, or even if you're new to primer and want to give it a try before committing to the ever popular porefessional by benefit (which i'm actually not the biggest fan of) and so on.
my primer of choice that fits the specification perfectly is the express hydration primer from nivea, retailing in superdrug for £4.99. it comes in two formats; one for dry/sensitive skin and the other for normal/combination.
the express hydration primer has an ever so slight gel-like texture to it but is primarily a cream. it's very moisturising and glides on easily and it's quick to sink into the skin, meaning you're not waiting around for ages before you can put on your foundation.
it smells like your generic moisturiser which makes me believe that there aren't a whole lot of nasty ingredients in it to make you smell like a fruit salad. i do love scented moisturisers such as palmers cocoa butter, but sometimes it's nice to give your skin, particularly on your face, a bit of a break from that.
i personally chose the dry/sensitive version of the primer. i don't have particularly dry or sensitive skin but i figured that a primer for dry skin was probably quite moisturising and all skin could do with a little extra moisture in the winter but i'm sure i'd be equally pleased with the other normal/combination version.
i'd defintely recommend giving this product a try, as.. confession time.. i'm not a lover of any other nivea products; their moisturisers are too thick for me and make my skin all rubbishy and i just generally don't get along with them, but this primer is honestly great, so a big thumbs up for nivea in that respect. i may even go a purchase myself one of their lip balms that i'd neglected a long time ago after disliking the rest of their products that i tried.
have you tried this? what's your favourite primer?
speak soon xoxo


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