Sunday, 27 January 2013


with this product, i was well and truly a band wagon jumper. i'd heard multiple great things about it and decided to give it a go for myself.
i bought the rimmel scandal eyes pencil in nude. i love using light colours on my waterline as i feel that dark colours just close up my eyes and do nothing for me. before buying this pencil i hadn't used a nude colour before, i'd usually reach for a white liner to make my eyes look more open, bright and awake but i did find it a little bit too much at times and i thought that a nude colour may do the same job, just a lot more subtly.
this pencil definitely achieves the same results in a lot more subtle way. my eyes look bigger and more awake, and i've also noticed that it detracts from the little red veins when i'm having a tired day too which is always a bonus. i'm looking forward to trying it in the summer when i struggle with hayfever to see if it still does this.
another feature of the eyeliner that i love is that it's waterproof, and it really is. it doesn't budge, even if your eyes get all watery in the wind (as mine occasionally do) so it's perfect for this wet and windy weather too.
all in all, this eyeliner is definitely one of my new favourites and at a price of £3.99 you can't go wrong so pop on the boots website and have a nosey here and prepare to fall in love with this kohl liner.
what's your go-to liner? have you tried the scandal eyes range?
me xoxo


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