Tuesday, 1 January 2013


001. happy new year everyone! i hope you had a great start to 2013. i actually had four as i was travelling back to the uk due to the different time zones in the airports (and probably lots more whilst in the air) which was very odd. but yes, please do have a great, safe and happy year ahead of you.
002. you may notice louis walsh loitering in the background, i've missed english tele so much so that i'm having a full day in front of it. it may not be everyone's idea of a perfect new year but i've been on the go for pretty much the full month so i think a rest is well needed. also, it's the perfect time to have a good catch up with my cats who were actually suprisingly very welcoming of me when i got home.
003. i arrived back to a bunch of parcels i'd treated myself to whilst i've been away, exhibit a, the jumper (above). you may have seen the jumper featured in a wishlist post so i'm super happy that i've finally got my hands on it. i was also really happy to open my december glossybox and find that i adore everything in it. my £5.20 miss selfridge bargain of a jacket arrived too, as well as a cardigan i can't even remember ordering(?). i'm going to put it down to jet lag from when i flew out to brisbane.
004. something else that made me smile when i got through the door was all the christmas decorations. it didn't feel christmassy at all for me until that point. i'm really looking forward to having my belated family christmas, my mum's cooking for alex and me next sunday which will be the twelfth day of christmas, so just in time! i'm really looking forward to my quorn turkey roast.
005. coming home i also received some sad news, my great grandad has been taken ill so i plan to visit him really soon. hopefully he'll be back home and to his best self within the next few days so i can share my holiday pictures with him and my newly found christmas spirit!
006. i've really missed being able to blog properly whilst i've been away. i feel like i've missed out on 'meeting' a few of my newest followers as well as keeping in touch with some of the golden oldies so whether you're new or we go way back be sure to pop in and say hello, i'm back now and can't wait to hear from you, what have you been doing with yourselves this christmas and new year?
speak soon xoxo


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