Friday, 4 January 2013


it's no secret that i love body shop. i love what the stand for as well as believing that their products of of great quality, so i am always using their products on a daily basis without necessarily even thinking about it, for example, when spraying my sheets in the morning.
the product featured today is one of their body, room and linen sprays which i absolutely adore.
i'm sure that this product (or another fragrance of the spritz) is something that a large proportion of people will have tried, yet i've never seen a review about it so i thought it was high time that this changed.
this particular spritz is a green tea and lemon spritz. for me, a 'fresh' scent is all about citrus so the lemon element is what really pulled me in when choosing the scent that i wanted. it does also contain orange. i think that floral smells on bedding can be a little heavy at times whereas this is jut uplifting and awakening. don't get me wrong, i love lavender, but it's not exactly known for its awakening properties.
so that's the linen side of things dealt with, now onto room; which again for me is all about smelling fresh. i love walking into my room and feeling bright. the scent does actually stick around noticeably for a good couple of hours after spraying which i think is pretty reasonable too.
as for the body spray element, it's nice. i don't see it turning heads or lasting all day, but that's what perfume is for, right? i love spraying it on when i get up to bring me round to the land of living but i don't think i'll be trading it in for my daily perfume any time soon. i do, however, think it would be great if you're abroad, it'd really make you feel extra summery, and sometimes i find perfume too much when i'm just sitting around a pool in the daytime. also on that front, it's pretty cooling too so would be a welcoming body mist in the heat.
ultimately, for £7.00, you can't go wrong and i'd defintiely recommend getting your hands on one. it may be worth noting that i also own a couple of the other scents too so i am truly a huge fan of the body, room and linen spritz's as a whole.
do you own any of these? what's your favourite scent to use as a room spray?
speak soon xoxo


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