Sunday, 3 February 2013


001. i'm in my second year of university studying law which surprises a lot of people as i guess i just don't come across as the 'lawyer type'.
002. i can't stand coke, or pepsi, or any of their diet variations which is such a pain because when people offer to make you a drink they will usually come back with something containing coke. yuck.
003. i'm vegetarian and have been since i was thirteen and when alex and i became friends he decided he wanted to be too. the things you do for love, hey?
004. i drive a little silver ka.
005. i have two cats, bruce and willow. both of the are girls. don't worry, bruce is probably just as confused as you are.
006. i don't like having my hair down. i have really fine hair and feel that having it down draws more attention to it.
007. i'm a bit of a crazy fish lady. i have seventeen and they all have names...
008. i spend most of my life in my pjs.
009. i have a younger brother called kristian, watch out ladies. he's sixteen and the older her gets, the older i feel, plus he has over half a foot in height on my now too.
010. i live down an unadopted lane in the middle of a bunch of fields. that means that nice shoes are never going to cut it with me so i'm a big fan of my high tops and vans. plus, i can't drive in anything else without them falling off my feet either.
011. i have a brilliant memory. things that other people have long forgotten are stored right up there. it often means that when i'm telling stories about what someone did years ago that person thinks i'm making it up because they themselves have forgotten.
012. my favourite film as a little girl was the fox and the hound.
013. i don't like watching a film more than once, possibly twice if i really enjoyed it the first time and a large amount of time has passed.
014. if you read how i type/write, you would think i was completely different to how i am. i've been told so many times that i write like an old person (more specifically an old man) and sound really snobby/posh but it's because i'm a bit of a grammar freak, so with this blog i've really let my sloppy self come through and tried not to worry whether my writing is up to the highest standard and it's definitely coming across as me and not an 'old man'. i like it.
015. i'm an avid hollyoaks fan and i've dragged alex into it with me. the amount of times 'no brendan!' gets shouted at the telly in that six thirty-seven o'clock slot is countless.
016. i really don't like capital letters, i think they look really ugly. as does the letter 'z' so where possible i'll substitute it for an 's'. the amount of times through school and college i got comments saying 'please use CAPITALS'. i still only tend to use them if i'm writing a whole word/sentence in upper case. it is really strange considering i'm a self confessed grammar geek. oh, i don't know.
017. the feel of newspaper makes me feel sick.
018. i'm allergic to an ingredient they put in chinese food (msg) but it's my favourite takeaway and so i eat it anyway. the benefits so outweigh the rash i get the next day.
019. i hate ketchup. and mayonnaise. and eggs. and bananas. and milk, and butter and jar curry. yep, i'm really fussy when it comes to food. i like to find a meal i like and eat it over and over until i can't stand it anymore, then move on (sharwoods jar curry, i'm talking about you).
020. mine and alex's birthday's are on the 29th and 30th (mine) of july. strange, huh? my middle name is also alex.
021. my closest girl friend is called laura too. that sure does make for some confusion at times.
022. i want a pet ferret.
023. my mum and dad have been together since high school so i'm very much a believer in a marriage being 'forever'.
024. i have one bright orange wall in my bedroom because i jokingly said i wanted a bright orange wall instead of a black one when my mum said black would be too dark.
025. i don't like wearing jeans, i never have. i don't own a single pair.


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