Wednesday, 27 February 2013


hello you lot; i've decided that i am going to start publicly offering advertising to other bloggers and small businesses so that your little buttons can live in my side bar for a month at a time.

l is for ladybird has become such a huge part of my life since starting it way back in august of last year and i am constantly trying to branch out and expand and better it and it's content. fortunately i have been completely overwhelmed with support and after hitting 1000 GFC followers, i decided that offering advertising is something that would now be appropriate so that i can hopefully help some other bloggers that are waiting for their blogs to grow too, and of course, it'll be great for all my readers as you will be able to discover some lovely new blogs to read too.

i'm going to offer it at an introductory price of £6 for the month (and see where it goes from there).

for that price you'll get your button in my side bar and be featured in a monthly advertisers post in which i will include a photo, links of your social media platforms and a description of your blog that either you can provide for yourself, or i'd be happy to write for you. sizing of buttons isn't too much of a problem as i am able to resize accordingly if your ad is a little too large/small for my side bar.

obviously i understand that some bloggers or independant shops will be wanting a slightly different package, in which case, you are more than welcome to email me ( and we can discuss this and arrange something that is better suited for you; perhaps a featured post, mentions at the bottom on my normal posts, etc.

stats available on request.

so that's it girls, please get in touch via email if you have any questions or are interested in advertising on my blog, and i look forward to hearing from you soon,

laura xoxo


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'hey everyone, come look at my blog' will be deleted. thank you all for your lovely, genuine comments; they make me smile, lots.