Saturday, 23 February 2013


i love eyebrows. i like them dark and thick but still natural looking, in fact, i can go without all other make up so long as my brows are nice and groomed so i'm a sucker for a brow kit.
prior to trying out benefit's browzings, i had been using a combination of my hd brows palette and my dark brown mua pencil, which by the way is a real bargain at one pound so i recommend you having a look at that. anyway, i decided when i dyed my hair darker that the bombshell hd brows were just a little too light for me and so decided to go for something a little darker.
i'd also fancied trying a wax formula and after seeing a benefit make up artist use this kit on my friend laura, and loving it i decided to buy us both one.  i decided to go for medium for myself to sort of break myself in to this new brow routine before i went dark which may have been a little harsh for starters.
the kit contains a coloured wax, a setting powder, two brushes and some mini tweezers, and although i'll probably stick to using my own brushes and tweezers to do my brows, i can see these being great for on the go touch ups etc.
when i first tried out the wax part of the kit, i was a little surprised. there wasn't much colour pay off at all really, but once i'd added the powder it all came together and i was really happy with the results.
the wax glides on easily and combined with the powder stays put all day and the best part for me, it doesn't feel at all waxy once on, strange hey?
as you can see from the little picture i've added of one of my eyebrows, the kit can be used to create a really natural subtle look but it can also provide a more dramatic appearance if you add more wax and powder, which i would go for when, say, i'm off out for tea.
brow zings is such a versatile little kit and is so easy to use. the fact that the wax doesn't have much of a colour to it means you can't really go wrong so the kit would be perfect for beginners and pros alike, and although a little pricey, at £22.50, i believe it's completely worth it if you're serious about your eyebrows.
what do you use to fill your little (or big) guys?
me xoxo


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