Saturday, 2 February 2013


in general i'm a huge fan of products that contain rose and i'm also big on toner so for me, on paper, these two combined sounds like a perfect product.
now, from what i understand, a toner is typically used to tighten pores and remove and last traces of makeup so if i'm putting something on my face that's going to be getting in and around my pores, i want it to be as natural as possible, especially given that sometimes i can have sensitive skin. this toner from botanics is 100% organic, so we're talking no rubbishy chemicals, just things that are good for your skin.
the toner itself recommends using it after cleansing then using a cotton pad to wipe it over the face but with the big bout of beauty waters currently floating around, i'd say that this is an equivalent product. you really can just spritz it on your face to freshes you up and hydrate your skin throughout the day.
for me though, the scent is the real winner when it comes to this product. it's gorgeous, refreshing and girly, although if you don't like the rose scent, then this one is probably not going to be your favourite.
the toning spritz can be purchased from boots, here, for a very affordable £3.49. you really are getting your value for money with this one.
have you tried this toner? what are your thoughts?
speak soon xoxo


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