Saturday, 9 February 2013


43mm hot curling brush £26.75*

macadamia's hot curling brush boasts 100% natural boar bristle, a ceramic coated base and a high heat resistance.
the difference between natural bristles and plastic bristles lies in the way they distribute the natural oils through the hair. natural bristles are absorbent meaning they take oil from the root and deposit it through the lengths and ends making for softer, shinier and healthier hair.
i used this brush according to the tips i was so kindly emailed over in order to try and complete the perfect blow dry. i'm a big fan of volume, who isn't?!, but having fine hair i'm always looking for extra lift as a way to fake thickness and this brush was great at helping to create that illusion.
it was really manageable to use too, i'm a bit clumbsy and heavy handed with my hair and find myself getting all tangled up in my hairdryer wire whilst concentrating on not getting my hair tangled in the brush i'm using, but there was no such problem with this brush. my hair slipped nicely through the bristles making it an absolute pleasure to use.
as i mentioned, i do have fine hair but there are four brushes in the range, each tailored for different hair types and lengths. when i was contacted by sara, i was asked for details on my hair type so that she could pick the most appropriate brush for me and i actually ended up with the 43mm version, but the brush also comes in 25mm, 33mm and 55mm.
i also received a little pot of macadamia's healing oil treatment which is available here in three sizes; 300ml, 125ml and 30ml.
it claims which particularly appeal to me are the frizz control element and the fact it is able to reduce drying time by up to 50%. it can be applied to both damp and dry hair but can also be added to hair masques for extra nourishment.
i love this oil. on first instance, it did make my hair smooth and frizz free and i'm also looking forward to reaping the benefits of reduced drying time in washes to come.
i have been hugely impressed by both of the macadamia products and will definitely be purchasing a full size oil, which by the way, smells amazing. the brush is also going to be my go to for blow drying for a long time to come, i love the results so far and by using both products together i feel that they have been maximised.
oh, and one more point, the packaging/branding of macadamia products is gorgeous. any of their products would look lovely on your dressing table; effective and pretty, bonus.
have you tried any of macadamia's products? what are your views?
laura xoxo


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