Friday, 15 February 2013


ok, i am scared of neon. i know it's a big thing for this year but the thought of wearing it terrifies me. wearing it on my nails however, is not quite so scary and that is exactly how i'll be introducing neon into my life this spring/summer.
that said, i have been on the hunt for a great neon polish and i stumbled upon, almost by accident this new collection from models own.
in order to keep the fluoro shades extra bright, this collection is designed to be kept in the fridge and packaged in specially designed forsted bottles to aid this concept.
i particularly love the neon red and cannot wait to get my hands on it. ooh, was that a pun right there?! i believe it was, go me. anyway, the collection will be released online on march 22nd, but can be pre-ordered from the first.
i personally cannot wait. what are your thoughts on the new collection and concept behind it?
laura xoxo


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