Saturday, 9 February 2013


i've got another models own product in the firing line today in the form of their lipstick in the shade baby pink.
it looks so pretty in the stick, a beautiful pale pink, however on the lips it's a bit of a different story. it goes on patchy, and that's not with me having dry lips either, as well as tugging instead of gliding across the lips.
also, it smells so cheap and plastic-ky(?) and this isn't something which bothers me about drug store lipsticks normally- i actually quite like their smell, so it must be pretty bad.
overall, for £6.00 i'm really disappointed, especially with models own having such great polishes and after me loving their cheek and lip tint which i reviewed previously.
what i can say however is that the colour itself is very pretty. perhaps it's just me. i'll give it another go in a few weeks as sometimes i find i can really dislike a product, leave it for a while and have it end up being one of my favourite things to use.
for now though, models own, i'm sorry but your lipstick just isn't cooking the gas.
have you tried models own lipsticks?
speak soon xoxo


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