Monday, 18 February 2013


i was recently contacted by a lovely lady named charlotte who works for and asked whether or not i would like to collaborate with them on a project that combines three of my loves; blogging, shopping and going on lovely holidays.
i'm always thinking about places i might like to go on holiday and what i'll find there. as much as i love sun and sand, and looking at the sea.. i'm more of a pool girl when it comes to swimming; no thank you jelly fish stingers, i would also love to go on a shopping filled holiday.
i know the typical destination for this is new york, however, i thought about where i'd really like to go and although new york is one of those places, i'd also love to visit paris. i've never been to france and to me, paris is not only a really romantic city (i hope you're taking notes if you're reading this alex) but it is also home to the avenue montaigne, a gorgeous shopping street.
parisian people are always being praised for their impeccable style so it'd be nice to experience that first hand walking in and amoungst them as they do their shopping.
travelsupermarket designed an infographic packed full of information (obviously) about this street and my reasons for picking it as the one i'd most like to visit. so, if you've beento pay paris a visit, pop on over to their websites and see what cheap  they have to offer, and if you're feeling really generous i'd love you to bring me back a full case of chloe perfumes. where would you most like to go for a shopping holiday?
me xoxo


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