Wednesday, 27 February 2013


i don't like heavy foundations so anything that makes claims of providing a nearly naked base was always going to be something that intrigued me and rightly so; this foundation is great.
a lot of the time people associate light foundations and light coverage with not doing the job but i actually find this foundation (although i'd say it was more light to medium) to provide great coverage. it leaves the parts of me i want on show, on show, i'm talking little freckles and the like, and covers the bits i don't; red skin, larger pores, dullness, and so on.
i have heard this being compared to nars sheer glow in terms of effect and feel so that can only be a good thing in terms of saving the pennies, right?
i like that this foundation has an spf in it too, i'm big on sun protection and believe that more foundations should have this element added to them.
the foundation itself is a fairly thin liquid, and although that combined with a lack of a dispenser is a bit of a menace, i do really like the consistency. it means that the foundation glides over the face nicely and seemingly sinks in to the skin.
i find on me that it leaves a relatively dewy finish but i'd probably describe it as more of a 'fresh' finish. my face looks clear, wide awake and just generally healthy, but i'm not sure dewy is the best word for it. it's not at all matte though, that i can say with certainity so if you don't like anything other than that type of finish, this is perhaps not the one for you, but it does just look very natural, like your skin but a semi-airbrushed version.
the wear time of this foundation is great. i find that i don't really need a primer in order to make my base stay put all day anyway so that's never a worry for me but i do appreciate that some people struggle with this so i've had my friend with oilier skin try it out and it does stay put fairly well; no sliding down the face or melting away.
i do really like this foundation. to say i like it more than my boujois healthy mix serum would be pushing it but it is a close second and i really do rate it very highly; will you be getting your hands on some of the nearly naked range? it can be purchased from boots for £8.99 and it available in a wide range of colours, which in my opinion is definitely a positive as i know many people struggle getting an exact match with ranges that only contain three or four shades.
do you like lighter foundations or are you faithful to your high coverage ways?
me xoxo


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