Wednesday, 13 February 2013


i have flat hair. it's fine and sits flat against my head. i don't like backcombing because i don't like the idea of damaging my hair so when i saw the advert for the got2b volumizing styling powder it was definitely appealing.
basically, what you do is pour a small amount of the powder into your hands, rub them together until the white powder disappears and your hands feel tacky then rub it in to your roots.
the first thing i noticed about this product was that it pours out, despite having a sprinkle lid, the holes are too big and a larger amount than is needed comes out.
that little niggle aside, the product itself is great. it reminds me a lot of the effect you get from dry shampoo. by using a small amount of powder your hair doesn't become dry or tatty and you can't see any of the powder at all as it disappears in your hands when you rub the together.
the volume itself isn't as huge as the woman on the box, although who knows what a full pot of the powder could do?!, but it does lift my hair giving it a natural, thicker and more voluminous look. i personally don't like the massive hair thing on a day to day basis; healthy and bouncy looking is what i strive for so i really do use the smallest amount but i'm guessing you could achieve your desired look by adjusting the amount of powder you use.
i have been really impressed by the got2b powder, and will definitely be repurchasing it for the forseeable. it costs £4.07 from boots but it always part of an offer so can be picked up cheaper.
have you used a volumizing powder before? did it work for you?
laura xoxo


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